Chief backs Parkop’s initiative

National, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop’s (pictured) move to stop the sale of betel nuts in public places is gaining more support from people.

This time, a chief of Hela has supported the move by saying that betel nut sale in big centres was an “eye sore” because people who chewed or traded were the worst the ones who created stains and rubbish all over.

Timothy Hayara said people had to be proud of leaders like Parkop, who had a bright vision to create a clean environment and protect the good image of the city.

He said Port Moresby was the capital city and banning the sale of betel nuts was the right way to maintain its image and beautify it.

“We should be proud of what Parkop is doing because he is promoting beautification in the country’s largest city.

“I think this should be practised by every governor and leader because betel nuts creat rubbish and stains everywhere,” Hayara said.

He said he commended Parkop for coming up with the idea.

“This should also be practised in our two other cities –  Lae and Mt Hagen,” he said.

Major centres need tougher laws because this is where visitors and tourists would go, Hayara said.

He said PNG was rich but people still had attitude problems.

“Meanwhile, he appealed to governors Kelly Naru (Lae) and Pais Wingti (Mt Hagen) to follow Parkop’s lead.