Chief Justice pays tribute to Sir Michael


CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia has thanked East Sepik Governor Sir Michael
Somare for upholding the Constitution.
Sir Salamo on behalf of the judiciary paid tribute to Sir Michael in Wewak, East Sepik ,on Friday, describing him as the father of the nation who showed how government
power should be played out in the country.
“The grand chief knows the constitution that he made, which provided the leadership for his making,” Sir Salamo said.
“He had tested the exercise of legislative power, and experienced it.
“He had also tested
executive power and judicial power.
“It’s an achievement for him because all the good things have happened for Papua New Guinea, when he has provided the leadership to ensure the government power within the three arms of
government are protected and balanced.
“He taught us that there is a limit to the exercise of judicial power. It’s not a free reign for the judiciary.
“There are limits, checks and balances, that the executive has a role in ensuring the judiciary is accountable.”

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