Chief Justice swears in Kaluwin, Kariko for another term

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Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin and  national judicial staff service secretary Jack Kariko were sworn in by the chief justice yesterday.
Both have been reappointed by the Judicial Legal Services Commission.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said during the swearing-in ceremony in Port Moresby that the commission was satisfied with their performance during their first term in respective offices and their reappointment was a boost of vote of confidence in their ability and experience.
“When their term ended, the commission saw that there was no need to advertise the position because we were satisfied that the two gentlemen performed their duties exceptionally well,” Sir Salamo said.
“So that is a boost of the vote of confidence in their ability and experience to appoint them back to their positions.” he said.
Sir Salamo congratulated Kaluwin and Kariko for their reappointment and wished them well in their term in office.
Kaluwin said his appointment was based on the continuous support, trust and loyalty of the staff in providing legal services in the country.
“The credit should go the members of the police force, particularly the Crime Investigation Division (CID’s) who have done extremely well to enable my lawyers to do well that resulted in the quality of the work my officers provided,” he said.
Kariko, in sharing similar sentiments, said he would do his best to ensure that the vision and plans the chief justice and the judicial council had for the organisation were carried out.