Chief shows why he is a wise man

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

I AM disgusted with the selfish members of the National Alliance party who are fighting for power while the Grand Chief is still recovering from a heart operation.
I can now see why people say Sir Michael Somare is a wise man and full of wisdom, two important qualities those fighting for power clearly do not have.
The Chief is right to have appointed Sam Abal as his deputy.
Had he chosen someone else, they would probably have made some attempts within the party to remove the Chief as prime minister and party leader upon hearing of the news of his serious medical condition.
The Chief had anticipated what they would do in such situation and he made a wise decision by choosing Abal, a God-fearing man.
The shameful and deplorable actions of some power-hungry NA leaders exhibit a total lack of respect for the Chief.
I also wonder whether they are acting on their own or are they dancing to the tune of their coalition partners?
Are their coalition partners trying to kill NA by playing along regional lines and exposing these so-called leaders’ emotional weaknesses, immaturity and inflated egos when the true purpose is to wipe out NA?
What better way to get rid of your enemy than by letting them fight each other within their own camp?
The acting prime minister is a born leader and has learned from the best by being the son of pioneer leader Sir Tei Abal.
He has shown all the attributes of a true leader.
He gives respect where it is due, he is humble, unselfish, quiet, patient, mature and, most importantly, he is a Christian.
All the rest are pretenders and have only their personal interests at heart.
They should wake up and stop making a mockery of themselves.
The Chief has left the country in very good hands and I urge the NA highlands bloc to get behind him and Abal.
In the meantime, I call on all Papua New Guineans to pray for our prime minister’s recovery and safe return.


The watcher
Port Moresby