Chief: Stop cowboy behaviour

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


EAST Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare has warned members of the provincial assembly to behave and not act like “cowboys” during assembly sessions.

He said they were elected leaders and not cowboys. 

He said he did not like cowboy behaviour.

“Think before you start talking. 

“There should be no screaming inside this assembly,” he said. 

“If you start screaming, I will send you out of this assembly.”

His warning came after he managed to calm an heated between the council presidents from Maprik, Yangoru Saussia and Wewak. 

The row began  after the election of deputy governor Ian Samuel on Tuesday afternoon.

Samuel who is Maprik Wora local level government president polled 17 votes to beat Wewak Rural LLG president Francis Hevu on 12 in a secret ballot.

Angoram MP Salio Waipo and Maprik MP John Simon joined the 27 presidents in electing the deputy governor. Sir Michael said he had set a very good precedent based on respect in his many years in national politics and wanted the council presidents to follow that.

“I have set a good example for this country and want this house to follow it. 

“We will all be happy if there is no screaming,” he said. 

“You must respect each other in this house because each one of you has an equal right to be here to represent the people from your LLG.

“Similarly, you must have respect for this chamber, adhere to its standing order. 

“No screaming and yelling during the sittings.”