Child, among 17 killed

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AT least 18 people have been killed, including two women and a child, in the ongoing fighting in Tagali and Tebi, Tari-Pori, Hela.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Teddy Agwi confirmed that at least 18 people lost their lives in the violence which was started about two weeks ago by two cousins fighting over a piece of land.
According to Moses Komengi of the United church Hoiebia mission station, the church is providing shelter for families displaced by the fighting.
Komengi, the Young Ambassadors for Peace coordinator, told The National that the families had been moving out of Tagali and Tebi as the fighting entered its second week.
“Six more men were killed near the Mulubi village in the Tebi local level government.
“Their bodies remained where they were killed during the night before police retrieved them,” Chief Insp Agwi said from the Hoiebia station.
“The six were seeking to avenge the killing of a relative in Port Moresby on Friday.
“But as they were nearing Mulubi village, they were gunned down.”
He said threats had also been made to Tari Hospital workers.
“Policemen are patrolling the area.
“I have (told) the man who issued the threat, to turn himself in at the Tari police station as soon as possible.
“I have advised relatives of the dead to take the bodies for a proper burial. I will not allow a hospital that delivers services to the people to be threatened.
“The hospital is not the enemy nor are the workers.
“They save those who need medicine.
“They should not be threatened.”