Child could have been hurt by accident

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

I REFER to your report “Child of sorcery suspect becomes victim in school” (May 25).
I brought the family to my house on Jan 13 last year out of respect for human life.
I am not a caretaker as it might have a different meaning.
While the family was living in the village with me, I was not aware of any discrimination faced by the boy whom I dearly love.
I made it clear to the people in the village as soon as I brought the family to the village that I must not see or hear any discriminatory actions or remarks against the family and the villagers did not let me down even once.
I left the village on Feb 21 this year for Port Moresby on a job transfer and left the family, well settled and secured in my village with specific instructions to my four brothers.
To readers, if the article is true that the young boy was injured, it was probably an accident and I hope it will not be blown out of proportion.
I apologise for what might have happened.
My lovely Murangil villagers, and even the children, know how serious I treat and deal with such issues.
Whether or not the incident is true, the challenge is for the government, churches and NGOs to devise strategies and enact laws to deal with sorcery.

James M. Ngune
Port Moresby