Childbirth woes a worry

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013


THE lack of awareness on family planning and teenage pregnancies has led to an increase in childbirth problems, a doctor says.         

Dr Derick Bintol, from the Port Moresby General Hospital, said family planning issues and teenage pregnancies were just two of the components that were associated with childbirth problems.

He said this during his presentation at the childbirth emergency phone project yesterday. 

“There must be awareness on family planning issues as this will reduce the family size and prevent mothers of five children or more from bleeding during pregnancy,” Bintol said. 

He said teenage girls should be educated on teen pregnancies and family planning issues. 

“Teenage pregnancies are usually associated with social issues,” he said. “The lack of basic knowledge of the latest development in medicine by rural medical staff has led to an increase in childbirth problems. 

“There must be training and awareness given to the rural medical staff on the handling of obstetrical cases,”  he said.