Children’s foundation receives K35,000

National, Normal

THE Malaysian Association of PNG (MAPNG) and Hugo Canning (HC) donated a total of K35,000 to the PNG Children’s Foundation last week.
MAPNG chipped in K25,000 and HC contributed K10,000 to enable the foundation to continue with its good work.
Foundation president Yiannis Nicolaou said the generous donations would go towards feeding and providing clothing and care for children left in unfortunate circumstances.
“MAPNG and HC have set examples for others to emulate.
“They have acted instead of making empty promises on the social problems in the country,” he said.
In recent years, the foundation made several efforts to acquire suitable land to construct a multi-purpose learning centre to be used as a temporary shelter for children until a suitable home was found.
“The land has been promised to the foundation but yet to be delivered.
“We will also continue our fund raising efforts this year through the 2010 ‘Little Princess of the World’,” he said.
Parents and guardians who want to nominate their daughter for the fund raising event can contact Mr Nicolaou at Lamana Hotel on 323 2333 ext 555.