Children checked as worries rise over HIV/Aids


TWO children are among the 131 people checked for HIVC/Aids at the Wau Rural Hospital this year, according to official Guyoni Ulachoe.
Ulachoe is the coordinator of the hospital section dealing with HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Ulachoe said a major awareness was big planned in Wau on Dec 1, the World Aids Day.
“A total number of 131 patients suspected of contracting STI and HIV/Aids have been checked this year,” Ulachoe said.
“The infected people are sexually active and working-class people who came in for check-up,” he said.
“A pregnant woman was also confirmed to have the HIV/Aids virus after she came in for an ante-natal check at the hospital.
“The increase in sexually-transmitted diseases is alarming and we are planning a major awareness on World Aids Day.”
He said the awareness was to educate the people on the use of contraceptives and to refrain from unprotected sex.
He said the programme would include drama and speeches to educate the people to refrain from unprotected sexual activities and the effect it would have on the lives of infected families.
Wau businesses, schools and the mining company Harmony Gold will be involved.