Children learn about architecture


TEN children enrolled at Buk bilong Pikinini’s (BbP) Steamships-sponsored Library Learning Centre at Pari village in Port Moresby recently had the opportunity to learn what it takes to become an architect.
The children visited the office of Pacific Palms Property with architect Vanessa Kagena.
They also went on a site tour to see the Harbour-side East and West completed projects last week.
Field trips and real-life experiences are what motivate children to think about their education and future career, Kagena said.
Five-year-old Christabella Raraga was chosen to feature in a reader entitled “When I grow up – I want to be an architect” and saw what tools and skills were required to become an architect.
The site tour ended at the Pirate Ship playground designed and built by Kagena and the Pacific Palms Property team.
The children were proud to be able to show their own drawings of houses to their architect role model for feedback.
BbP said it wanted to show the children enrolled in its early childhood education programme where their education might take them.
To encourage and motivate the children to aspire to jobs needed in the country, BbP said it published a series of books titled “When I grow up – I want to be a teacher, pilot, store manager, paramedic, information and communication technology officer and farmer,” which will be launched during Book Week in August.