Children need parents’ escort

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The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013


PARENTS must escort their children to school and pick them up after school, Morobe provincial police commander Leo Lamei said yesterday.

Supt Lamei said that following an increase in the number of sexual assault cases committed against school girls below the age of 16.

Lamei said on April 23, a 12-year-old school girl was abducted and raped by a 19-year-old suspect in Kaindi, Wau.

The girl had been on her way home after school, police said.

Lamei said the suspect, identified as Nelson Simon, of Yangoya village, Aseki, was arrested and charged by police on June 20. 

In a separate incident, Lamei said a 10-year-old school girl was abducted and raped in a similar manner by another suspect at a Hidden Valley Mine access road at Kaindi.

The victim was heading home after school when she was attacked.

On March 4, Lamei said a seven-year-old Bumayong Elementary School girl was abducted and raped by a 31-year-old man.

She had been on her way to school at the time.

The suspect identified as Surepe Yaling, of Gobadi village, appeared before the Lae District Court last Friday and had his case adjourned to Sept 20.

The court refused Yaling bail on the grounds he was unpredictable and may strike again if allowed to roam freely.  

“Mothers and some other relatives must make it their business to drop-off and pick up girls at schools,” Lamei said.

“Sexual crimes against minors have increased lately. There are sick-minded and animal thinking people out there ready to prey on little girls,” he said.