Children’s behaviour


HAVE you noticed that where children gather on the street, you see a lot of unusual behaviour?
The behaviour of children nowadays is getting worse when compared to the behaviour of children of the ’80s and early ’90s.
Perhaps it is caused by the changing of time and how the behaviour of grown-ups is affecting the behaviour of children.
This is seen mostly at home where children learn first from those around them, especially the parents.
Parents, as role models, should encourage their children to spend more time at home to enjoy the company of their family members.
The lifestyle the children experience at home will obviously impact on their behaviour.
Lifestyle contributes to the habit and habit contributes to the character of a person.
Therefore, it is better to keep the children at home more.
Parents should try and keep their children away from the streets. Our good government is trying its very best to bring good-quality lifestyle and changes to people by demonstrating cleanliness and providing free education and other services.
Children should take advantage of these privileges to lift the living standards of the family to the next level.

Kemzscurtto Pahe

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