Chimbu athletes win praise


Being a Chimbu I am very excited to see my country men and women fight very hard to be placed fourth in the tally at the recent PNG Games in Kimbe.
I was very impressed with their achievements.
We are very mountainous region in PNG, but despite that, our athletes did well to win medals.
I give a big vote of thanks to the management Team Chimbu, especially the coaching team, trainers and doctors.
Not forgetting our sponsors including Governor Michael Dua and the Chimbu provincial government, companies, organisations and individuals. Chimbus seem to excel in long-distance running events as exemplified by the great
Sapola Yau from Karamui.
When I was doing my Grade 12 at Port Moresby National High, I beat everyone in a half-marathon despite not being properly trained, and was selected to take part in NCD inter-school carnivals.
The talent of Chimbus in long-distance running showed at the games where they dominated.
Finishing fourth is a sign that we can make it to the top come the 2020 PNG Games in Southern Highlands.
Well done and keep the Chimbu fire burning.

Joe Kin Kaupa