Chimbu govt plans to focus on developing rural districts


ACTING Chimbu provincial administrator Joe Kunda says the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Michael Dua will focus more on its “going rural” policies.
Kunda told The National last Friday that the provincial government would now focus more on developing the rural communities and that would start with offices for the governor in each of the six districts.
“This is a new concept and probably the first in the country that we are trying to implement and this is in line with our going rural policy.
“Under the leadership of the new governor, we are now trying to focus more on the rural areas and we will soon delegate some of the powers and responsibilities at the provincial level down to the districts and the local level governments.
“We will support the chief executive officers of district development authorities to discipline officers and take strict and prudent control of district affairs,” Kunda said.
He said the people in the districts would not waste time and resources travelling to town to visit the office of the governor.
“We will establish the governor’s office in the districts.
“We are now going to bring it down to the districts and we will start with Kerowagi and will roll it out to the other five districts.”
Kunda said the provincial government would focus more on improving roads, bridges, schools and health infrastructures in the rural communities.
“That will be our focus under the new governor.”
Kunda said education, especially technical and vocational education training (TVET) would continue to remain their priority.
“Skills development is important to empower our people.
“Our people have the potential and we need to create pathways for them to utilise their skills and that’s why we will continue to invest in TVET and supporting our tertiary students.”