Chimbu helping parents with school fees for tertiary students


CHIMBU Governor Michael Dua says financially assisting students from the province attending tertiary institutions remains the immediate priority of the provincial government.
Dua told The National yesterday that the provincial government had already put out public notices and sent out application forms to students to apply for school fees assistance.
“When we present our budget to Treasury, our immediate priority now will be to provide school fees assistance to Chimbu students in tertiary institutions,” he said.
“Whatever is given to us for the first quarter of this year, we will try our best to at least provide counter funding to what they will be paying.
“If they are to pay K6000 to K7000, we can pay at least K2000. If it’s K4000 to K5000, we can pay around K1000 to assist parents.”
Dua said human resource was the most important asset Chimbu had and the provincial government would give priority to supporting education.
“If there is any important sector that we can give immediate priority to right now, it is education. Tuition fees for tertiary institutions like the University of Papua New Guinea have increased by about 200 per cent,” he said.
“That increase will simple put people under extreme pressure.”