Chimbu teachers learn computer skills

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The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


PRIMARY school teachers in Chimbu have completed a two-week Information and Technology (IT) training workshop held at Don Bosco Technical Institution last Friday.

The 35 teachers, both male and female have been equipped with computer skills to advance and upgrade their knowledge so that they can meet the demands of their students.

The teachers are the first in the province to get into the computer literacy skills training to produce quality education, provincial education adviser Walkaima Essy says.

Essy said the Education Department was now thinking of phasing out teachers with teaching certificates in 2015.

He said they would be the lucky ones to graduate with diplomas in computing after completing your final training in November.

He said the provincial education division was focusing on producing quality teachers and would continue to fund the workshop to ensure teachers in the rural areas were advanced with computers to improve their teaching skills.

Essy said most of the teachers were computer illiterate and the education division had planned to train them so that they used computers when preparing their lessons.

“All must score above 50% to qualify for diploma certificates. It will also qualify you to continue with the Education Department,” Essy said. 

He said the IT programmme was planned every year and urged teachers to get involved in the training.

PNG Education Institute lecturer and IT trainer Jonathan Vagel said it was the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

“You are very privileged to attend IT training. Many are looking for this opportunity and are spending money to get IT training.”