Chimbu teachers slam OBE system

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At least 500 Chimbu teachers who gathered in Kundiawa last Saturday have decided to petition the provincial government on the outcome-based education (OBE) system.
They all agreed that this was the best way to get the Education Departments’ response in doing away with OBE.
The teachers said they would like to see OBE removed and the old system re-implemented.
They said if the education department insisted that OBE was a policy, then teachers’ pays had to be increased.
The Chimbu teachers also raised concerns that the 20% pay increase promised by PNGTA and Teaching Service Commission had not been honoured.
They have given the Education Department until Feb 1, to respond favourably or they would conduct a peaceful protest.
They claimed the protest would be carried out in partnership with non-governmental organisations, church groups, and other organisations.
PNGTA members also threatened to pull out of the association and form their own association by next year.
The move and action was followed by their Western Highlands and Southern Highlands colleagues.
Western Highlands teachers called for an open debate with education authorities but this had not been answered.
Last week, the teachers, who were PNGTA members, signed withdrawal forms because the union had not assisted them by addressing their petition.
The Southern Highlands group is likely to do the same as pressure is mounting on them because teachers were leaving the classrooms for greener pastures.
Teachers from these provinces are now calling on other centres to do the same for the sake of the students.
They opposed OBE, adding that it would produce more drop outs, among other reasons, over the years and would contribute to the country’s accumulating problems.