Chimbu to host cocoa show


CHIMBU will play host to the next PNG Cocoa of Excellence Show to be held in Kundiawa in October.
This was announced by Agriculture and Livestock Minister John Simon in Port Moresby on Tuesday.
A cheque of K1.25 million was also presented to PNG Cocoa board by the Simbu government to host the Oct 7-9 show.
According to PNG Cocoa Board, the Karamui area in Karamui-Nomane is currently the only known place in the Highlands that is growing and producing cocoa.
Simon said it was, therefore, fitting that the province hosted the show to get other provinces in the region involved in the cocoa sector, regardless of the cash crop being widely grown and produced in coastal provinces.
“We need to go to new places,” he said.
“If you got to promote a product, you cannot do it at the same place that is known, take it to new places.
“That is why we want someone from Karamui to be on the Cocoa Board as well.
“The excitement has just started there so someone from the Highlands (region) should be in the board as well.
“Let’s take the show up to the Highlands and tell them cocoa can be grown up there as well.”
The PNG Cocoa of Excellence Show is an initiative of the PNG Cocoa Board and is aligned with the International CoEx show called the Salun Du Chocolat to be held in Paris, France.
A national cocoa sampling and tasting competition will be held concurrently over the three days, where six of the best PNG cocoa samples will be identified to participate at the International CoEx.
According to the Cocoa Board, objective of the show were to:

  • RECOGNISE and celebrate the diverse cocoa flavours and origins from different cocoa farms, farmers, growing environments and traditions of farming cocoa throughout the country;
  • TO identify PNG’s top six cocoa sample to be entered into the International Cocoa Awards in France;
  • REWARD farmers for their efforts in improving and maintaining the quality of PNG cocoa beans; and,
  • TO provide an avenue for cocoa buyers and chocolatiers to make direct contact with cocoa producers in PNG that may venture into niche markets and single origin cocoa.