Chimbu training successful

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 TRAINING on gender-based violence in Chimbu over the past three years has reaped positive results, a public servant says.

Department of Community Development assistant secretary gender development Joe Itaki said the number of gender-based violence cases before the courts were high but victims were getting help.

He said the positive result came about because of gender-based violence training, funded and conducted by the Community Development Department and the Chimbu provincial administration since 2011.

Itaki said the three sessions conducted proved fruitful  with many victims getting help.

“The result of the training is very encouraging and now many people know where to seek help,” he said.

Itaki said in the past, many victims, especially mothers and young girls, did not know where to seek help and kept the problems to themselves.

He said now the victims were coming out openly for assistance.

He thanked the Chimbu provincial administration for its support.

Chimbu is one of the three pilot provinces where training was run.

East New Britain and Northern also carried out the trainings.

Itaki said the project cycle ended this year and next year, a new programme, “Meri Safe Haus” would be introduced. 

The department will work closely with the mainline churches and non governmental organisations.