Chimbu victory


THREE things happened in Chimbu lately that prompted me to share my views.
Firstly, I convey my sincere congratulations to Essy Walkaima and Mathew Geglua as deputy administrator, field services and principal adviser education services respectively.
Patience and dedication earned you the position and it’s a win for the people of Chimbu.
Secondly, I wish to express my dissatisfaction at the outcome of the court battle between the former governor and his predecessor Michael Dua.
To the current governor, you have had your trademark in the province. Your services to the people in education services was immense and the people have clearly demonstrated in the ballot result that has been disputed.
Anyway, governor, patience and tolerance are the way forward for a good leader and your appeal to the people of Simbu to be calm and accept the result is a way forward.

Joseph Koggy

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