Chimbu villager calls for immediate maintenance of by-pass

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Story and picture by ZACHERY PER

THE Konoma-Dumun by-pass road in the Sinasina area, Chimbu province, constructed to maintain traffic flow during the Gera landslide in 2008 is rapidly deteriorating.
Giu and Emai villagers claimed there has been no maintenance and the road is deteriorating.
Spokesman Maima Koma said in 2008, the Government declared the road as an alternate highway and injected millions of kina for its upgrade.
“However, from the last maintenance in 2008, no further maintenance took place.
“The current wet weather pattern is eroding the road with many landslides taking place,’’ Mr Koma said.
“As you traverse sections of the road from Konoma to Kundiawa township and down the gorge to Giu and to Koge junction, turning right towards the south along the Waghi River, the road condition becomes impassable from Koge junction to Gunangi.”
Karamui, Nomane and Gumine people also use the road to transport their vegetables and coffee to the markets.
Mr Koma called on the provincial Works manager, Mark Gunua, who is from the area, to ensure funding allocated for the Konoma-Dumun road is used to maintain the road.
He also suggested that the road be declared a national road and funded quarterly under the annual national road maintenance programme.
The provincial Works office could not be contacted for comments.