Chimbu women call for tight security

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


WOMEN in Chimbu are calling for tight security during polling for the council elections.

Women In Politics provincial president Dere Ceccilia Kimagl said yesterday mothers and young girls felt insecure in going to polling booths to votes.

Kimagl said the council election was becoming like the national election because the National Government was giving K500,000 to every local level government.

She said many candidates and their supporters were campaigning aggressively now and would do all sorts of things at the polling booths to get into power and have their hands on the money.

“Ol yangpela tok nau em taim bilong ol (now the youths are saying that’s their time), indirectly they are saying, they will control the polling booth to satisfy the needs and wants of their candidates,” she said.

Kimagl said unless there was heavy police presence at the polling booths, women, young girls and those who could not defend themselves could be harassed.

She said because of the security threats in many parts of the province, many eligible voters would not vote.

She said unlike past council elections, this election was treated special by the candidates because of the big money given to every local level government.

She called on candidates and their supporters to respect the people and allow them to vote without fear or threats.