Chimbu women sign up for polls


FIFTY-FOUR female candidates in Chimbu will contest the local level government (LLG) elections, says provincial election manager Reverend Tom Sine.
Sine said that he was pleased to see more women standing for office in the local councils with a good number coming from the Karamui-Salt Nomane electorate.
He said 2,466 candidates had registered and would contest the LLG elections
“Preparations were in order but the only problem was getting election materials and polling officials to Karamui which was only accessible by air,” he said.
He said the nomination process had gone well and he expected the same during the polling stage.
Sine said polling for Chimbu would be on July 22.
“I am very happy that a good number of women are contesting from Karamui, five women have registered and that is encouraging.
“Time for the polling is short but given our planning we are targeting Karamui, we need to send the materials and a team out by Friday.”
He said provincial officials would send polling materials out on Sunday by road to the nearest drop-off points with porters to take them on foot to polling locations.
Sine said polling officials ended their training yesterday with today and tomorrow allocated for the distribution of the election materials and officials to polling areas.

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