Chimbu women victims of sorcery accusations


ONE of the greatest pain on earth is in the process of torture when someone is accused of sorcery in Papua New Guinea and the stigma lasts for a long time.
There is a new trend where females who are from Chimbu and married to other provinces are victims to sorcery accusations, torture and even death.
News from mainstream media confirmed that most victims are females from Chimbu.
Have any of my Chimbu people realised what has been happening around the country?

Bal Temai

One thought on “Chimbu women victims of sorcery accusations

  • Chimbu seems to be where the territorial spirit of Saguma is in operation, if Chimbus can rise up to the next level in the Spirit in the Word of God through fasting & prayer God is greater than any territorial Spirit in that Land. People of God are the ones that need to rise up to the next level to dismantle, uproot, & to destroy like Jeremaihs did in his time, The Good Lord wants us to rise up destroy, when the time is right in this hour………..

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