Chimu locals to be registered

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 PEOPLE living in more than 60 ward councils in remote Karimui-Nomane district of Chimbu province will be formally registered in the civil registry.

Karimui-Nomane MP Mogerema Wei has undertaken to ensure the people are registered and recognised as citizens of the country.

A one-week workshop was held last week to train locals on how to register people in the villages. The workshop was attended by Registrar-General Augustus Wagambio and his officers, officials from Lands, valuers and the Chimbu provincial government.

Karimui community leader Sibirai Domu thanked Wei and Wagambio for registering the people of Karimui-Nomane distict.

He said people were initially scared after hearing of the registry exercise but calmed down after awareness programmes were conducted for them.

Wagambio said registration for first six months would be free.

“You will be exempted from paying K25 amnesty fees to get registered,” he said.

Karimui-Nomane district administrator Limbia Tiagoba said the administration supported the exercise to ensure every individual and births in the district were registered.