Chinese assaulted

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

TWO Chinese nationals were assaulted by police at a shop near Gordon yesterday.
The two men, Jackie Tse and Thomas Yang, both managers of Jade Island Ltd, based opposite the Gordon police station were allegedly beaten up over an earlier incident involving a student and the manager.
In the earlier incident, a student from one of the schools in the city went to buy a fish flour at the kai bar but later complained that the food tasted bad and asked for a replacement.
However, the kai bar assistant informed the manager (Yang) for a replacement but before he decided, the student was alleged to have picked up a container of salt on the front and threw it at the manager and the employees, resulting in an argument.
It was alleged that other students joined in and fought with the Chinese and the shop employees, resulting in the manager being hit with a long stick and suffering injuries while another employee, a security guard, suffered a cut on his ear.
Eyewitnesses said the student went home, brought a relative and arrived with the uniformed policemen supported by other policemen and started dragging and punching the manager.
A replay of the incident recorded in the in-house camera showed the policeman in uniform punching the Chinese man and another woman.
Another policeman was seen with a high-powered firearm.
Witnesses said the Chinese man was punched several times when he refused to go to the police station.
The matter was reported to the Gordon police station and an officer there confirmed receiving a complaint from the Chinese national but declined to comment further on the