Chinese community gives to charity


IT takes a generous heart to continuously meet community obligations expected by the Government of the corporate sector and to show love to needy individuals or groups in the country.
Among the many unfortunate people found all over PNG are homeless children in need of a second chance in life especially through education for a better future.
The Chinese community in Port Moresby has loyally backed a children’s charity in Port Moresby, Life PNG Care, over the past few years in giving either cash or goods in kind.
Billy Lin, the chief executive officer of 2 Fast Motors Ltd, on behalf of the Chinese community in Port Moresby, has commend the humanitarian work by the Life PNG Care in providing shelter, meals and education for abandoned children.
Lin commended Life PNG Care director Collin Pake, adding that for his generosity and humanitarian work he was awarded the Commonwealth Point of Light Award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, an award he truly deserved for his loyal services to the community, especially unfortunate children.
Lin, who was speaking in a mixture of Tok Pisin and English at the fourth annual Life PNG Care fundraising dinner on Oct 12 at the Dynasty Restaurant at Vision City, Waigaini, said: “I have known Colin and his family for three years since 2015 through his work with the homeless children. He has done a good job although it is a tough one with a lot of headaches to look after all these 300-plus kids. And as I’ve said, he’s a real man.
“Many people ask me what my reason for supporting Life PNG Care is and I tell them Pake and his family not only provide shelter for these unfortunate children but education for them as well.
“Today I see a bright future for these kids because of your love and care. As we understand every child should be entitled to a safe home, a home filled with love and care and also a home with education is available or accessible.
“Therefore, if we do this thing right, the next generation and the generations to follow will live far better than we are today and what you start here would indeed have changed the world for the better.”
Lin said he would continue to support Life PNG Care through with major fund raising drives such as a car wash in June which fetched more than K160,000 and also donations of food and clothes for the children.
He said most of the funding from the car wash went to the children’s education and he was encouraged and was convinced that his support for needy ones would contribute to a better future.
“I also thank my wife Cherry and kids for their understanding to continually support Life Care and also other charity work in the community. This is from our hearts and we will continue to do so with the support of the Chinese community whom I’m grateful to.”
Pake added that the proceeds raised from the dinner would help sustain the Strongim Pikinini Education Programme and the welfare of the 56 permanent residents of the family home care centre in 2019. The Strongim Pikinini Education Programme will assist 300 unfortunate children to continue their education.
“Each year is challenging for us and we make sure that 80 per cent of the funds raised through our annual charity fundraiser dinner goes directly to the beneficiaries (the unfortunate children) whilst 20 per cent goes into operational expenses.
“We minimise the operational costs thus we have fulltime volunteers and key individuals who come to give at Life PNG Care, not to receive. Many charities and NGOs operational costs are way too high and only a little portion of funds goes to the beneficiaries, and this is what Life PNG Care discourages,” Pake said.
The Oct 12 event raised a total of K170,000.
Life PNG Care thanked its many sponsors for the amount raised.