Chinese couple killed in Mt Hagen

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The National, Friday, June 3rd 2011

A CHINESE couple operating a restaurant in Mt Hagen city was murdered on Wednesday night in their home.
Western Highlands police commander Kaiglo Ambane confirmed the killing.
Highlands divisional commander Simon Kauba confirmed that Wang Shangshen, 36,  and his wife Hung Xiaolin, 34, both from Fujian province, China, were employees of Huan Qiu Ltd in Mt Hagen.
It is alleged the couple’s employees killed them and fled with the takings.
The three employees, who worked as cooks inside the Kim’s plaza building where the couple operated a restaurant and slept, had fled.
The killings happened around 11pm after they closed shop at 9pm.
 The wife was counting the day’s takings at the cash register when she was first stabbed on her stomach and killed instantly.
They then followed her husband into the living room and chopped his neck off before taking the takings and cash hidden in their living room.
The couple had operated the restaurant in the city for more than three years.
Their bodies had been taken to the hospital morgue.
Ambane said police believed the couple’s employees must have been involved because yesterday none of the three male employees who used to stay with the couple turned up for work.
The barbaric killings shocked hundreds of people in the city yesterday.
Many people, including school children, gathered outside the restaurant yesterday morning and condemned the murders.
People said in 2004, an expatriate pilot was shot dead in the city and leaders from the province built a monument in his honour after announcing there would be no more such deaths.