Chinese firm to build 1000 houses

National, Normal

The National, Thursday December 17th, 2015


THE Shandong Yinjiang Industries Ltd has the capability to deliver more than 1000 houses assigned to them for Duran Farm, depending on efficiency, time and speed, Yinjiang Industries global president Rongtian Xu says. 

The production capability of Yinjiang has enabled the Chinese contractor to come on board as one of the National Executive Council (NEC) approved contractors alongside another four under the build, sell and share (BSS) concept at the back of Public Private Partnership(PPP) Act 2014.

NEC approved Hausman Building Solutions Ltd, Dakota Construction Ltd, Mirai Kaihatsu Co Ltd, and Curtain Brothers Ltd besides Yinjiang to build 1000 houses each under the BSS concept.

Of the 5000 houses that will be constructed for Duran Farm, outside 8-Mile, Yinjiang says it will build 4000, depending on efficiency, time frame and the speed of material delivery from China.

Xu said the fabrication of the houses for the Duran Farm would be done in China and delivered to PNG for fitting.

 “Because we have a very big production plant in China, we can build more houses than the number assigned to us.

“Our workshop is 100 hectares in size and our factory production rate is 200 (houses) a month,” he said.

 “Given that capability to deliver, theoretically, we can build just one house in two hours. 

“That is in relation to their own design, cost, delivery, time frames, marketing and sharing of proceeds.

“We have planned out the construction of these houses and we will build houses containing three bedrooms, four bedrooms and five bedrooms at the most. 

“Our designs are not found anywhere in the world.”