Chinese give musical and sports items to inmates

National, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

INMATES at the Bomana minimum security unit were all smiles yesterday when the China-PNG Friendship Association (CPNGFA) visited them with gifts.
The visit was part of the association’s community outreach programme and aimed at fostering friendly relations between the people of China and PNG, chairman Stanley Shi Songling said.
“The CPFA was established more than four years ago and we do our best to develop friendship between the two countries,” he said.
He said the association was made aware of the need of the minimum security inmates when ex-convict Joe Waine of Kerowagi, Chimbu, approached him and asked for help on the prisoners’ behalf.
Association first secretary Liu Mingzong told the prisoners they were brethren and would never be forgotten as long as the association existed.
“We are your brothers and sisters and we want you to come back home.
“No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and at times we need correction to change,” he said.
He said the presentation was the beginning of the association’s involvement with the prisoners and more such donations would follow.
The gifts included musical instruments, sports equipment and stationeries worth over K10,000.
Waine, who is on parole, told the inmates they must respect people of other origins in PNG because they “are part of the nation and contribute to the nation’s development through new ideas, technology, investment and employment”.
Inmates’ spokesman, Philip Vaki thanked the association and said the visit had instilled some value in their lives.
He told the visitors they would do awareness in the jail so that the prison population “will appreciate and respect Chinese entrepreneurs who have come to the country”.