Choice is in your hands


VOTERS would be satisfied if the representative voted in after the General Election 2022 for the electorate is outspoken against all forms of corruption, stands for and protects the truth, formulates effective legislations, performed according to the policies, and who serves without fear and favour.
The same goes, they would not be satisfied if an ineffective, selfish, mute, and unfaithful representative who does not deliver the promises is voted in.
Voters are the very important people in an election period.
They are the ones who have the power to determine their representative.
Contesting candidates do not have the power to self-elect themselves to represent their respective electorates.
The neglected and suffering ones have the voting power to send them in as their representatives.
Therefore, it is very important that the neglected ones who have the power to vote in or not vote in someone to be their representative make the right choice in this general election.
Make a choice that would not be regretted for the next five years.
This general election is the right time for the voters to vote out non- performing representatives for the last 5-10 years.
Representatives who only performs in the last months leading up to the next general election.
Representatives who tries to restore voters trust and loyalty to them with little projects that would not last and the majority would not benefit from.
Representatives who heavily bribe voters and cause divisions and conflicts.
Representatives who have done nothing for their electorates but are still bribing for power and fame. Representatives who makes empty promises but are the selfish ones by heart.
Representatives who are the opposite of what they say. As a voter, exercise your democratic right to vote your most preferred candidates.
Think about your future.
Consider the future of our upcoming generations and nation.
Make a right and satisfying choice that would not be regretted later.
If you had enough of a particular candidate who is contesting again, maybe because he was not performing well in the last five, 10, 15 or 20 years, you have all the right to vote him out.
Being a representative for the electorate is not his birthright.
Vote in someone else who knows and who will do the common expectations of the majority.
Enough is enough.

Abel ToPidik Rudolf

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