Cholera cases on the rise in ESP due to ignorance

National, Normal


THE continuous increase in the number of cholera cases in the Angoram district of East Sepik province has been blamed on the people’s negligence and irresponsible behaviour by not observing basic hygiene practices.
Provincial cholera response coordinator, Dr John Sairere, said the message of how best this epidemic could be prevented from spreading had been loud and clear but cases were continually increasing because people were ignorant.
“The message is ‘boil water before drinking, wash hands after using toilet and before meals’.
“But people are not taking heed of  these simple things,” he said.
Dr Sairere was responding to questions raised by The National on why there was a sharp increase of over 80 new cases in just three days, from 150 cases that was reported last Sunday, since the outbreak two weeks ago.
According to figures released by Dr Sairere yesterday, a total of
236 people are now infected. But the death toll remains at six due to efforts by health workers to provide medical care and treatment.
Kambaramba 1 and 2 villages recorded the highest at 196, Moim and its neighbouring villages 26, Angoram station and surrounding villages 17, and Biwat area reported nine cases.
Health secretary Dr Clement Malau, who visited the affected villages over the weekend, was concerned that people were ignoring basic hygiene rules which resulted in the incursion and spread of the cholera parasite.
Meanwhile, a provincial health team has left Wewak to carry out more awareness in villages along the Sepik River.