Cholera claims eight lives in ESP

National, Normal

By GYNNIE KERO DWU journalism student

EIGHT people have died from cholera out of the total 281 reported cases in Angoram, East Sepik province, since the outbreak last month.
Provincial coordinator cholera response, Dr John Sairere, said yesterday that cholera was spreading and the number of cases would continue to increase.
Dr Sairere cautioned the public to be careful with their personal hygiene and boil water to avoid the spread of cholera.
He said people in town should also be careful as there were already cases in Wewak, one confirmed and six suspected cases which were currently under supervision at the Wewak General Hospital.
Dr Sairere said people diagnosed with cholera died due to excess of fluids but once the fluids were replaced, they could be treated with antibiotics.
He said he was concerned with people living along the main Sepik River and the tributaries because the disease was water-borne and was present in the water after tests were carried out.
Dr Sairere also clarified that fresh or smoked fish brought to the markets from Angoram for sale would not affect people when washed and properly cooked.
“Fish is okay but make sure it is washed, cooked and eaten when it’s still hot”, Dr Sairere said.
He also added that people from those affected areas like Kambaramba, Moim and Angoram needed to make money from the sale of fish at the markets and to earn their living and the public should not be scared of them.
However, he said the ban on the sale of cooked food near roadsides would continue.