Cholera contained in two Hiri villages

Normal, Papua

The National –Monday, January 10, 2011


CENTRAL health authorities said they  have contained the spread of cholera in Kido and Gorohu villages in the West Hiri district.

The two villages were hit by an outbreak during the Christmas and New Year period but quick response by authorities prevented further spread and related deaths.

Hiri district health coordinator Michael Masket said health workers, including medical supplies, were sent to Kido and Gorohu. 

He said the workers did well to treat patients and were able to contain the spread and those needing further treatment were referred to the Port Moresby General Hospital’s (PMGH) cholera treatment centre (CTC).

Masket said Papa and Lealea villagers who experienced cholera-like symptoms during the same period sought treatment at either the CTC at Papa clinic or PMGH.

The health workers have returned to Port Moresby but would continue to monitor the areas.

Unlike Papa and Lealea that have easy access to the city by road, Kido and Gorohu were isolated by sea.

To get to the city, people from these areas had to travel by dinghy to Papa and Lealea and catch a PMV to the city.

Masket said Kido was about 30-50 minutes by dinghy from Papa and Lealea and another hour to get to Gorohu from these two main villages.

An outbreak occurred in the same two villages in the middle of last year but no casualties were reported after it was successfully contained.