Cholera rises in ESP

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CHOLERA in East Sepik’s Murik Lakes is now an epidemic with reports of seven new cases, bringing the total number of infections to 152.
East Sepik doctor in charge of the task force committee Dr John Sairere said the new cases were detected last Saturday.
Further inland and west of the Murik Lakes, an outbreak had been reported at Kaup.
Dr Sairere said 33 cases were recorded since Saturday.
There have been unconfirmed reports of some deaths.
The total accumulative total since the new cases now stands at 645.
In the other affected areas of the province, there have been no new cases and reports of deaths since last Saturday.
The latest statistics showed that Kambaramba had recorded 230 cases and three deaths, Moim with 89 cases and three deaths, Biwat with 10 cases and two deaths, Angoram with 50 cases and one death, Marienberg with 15 cases and four deaths and Wewak General Hospital recorded 66 cases and one death.
Dr Sairere said the task force was doing its best to address the situation in the province despite setbacks.
He said the cholera treatment unit at Marienberg had to be closed due to rising river levels which would affect sanitation measures at the treatment unit.
Patients from that area are currently being taken to the treatment centre at Angoram.
Dr Sairere also said he was aware of the situation in the Aramut unit and that his health workers were “managing the cases very well” by boiling water from dugout wells.