Choong loves the opportunity with Barramundis


KUMUL Petroleum Papua New Guinea Barramundis strength and condition boss Meiling Choong says she loves her job as it gives her the opportunity to bring about positive changes.
“Strength and conditioning in PNG is a new concept,” the 32-year-old said.
“For cricket players, it’s definitely brought up their standard and it has no doubt changed the game.”
Making history as the first woman to train an international men’s cricket team in strength and conditioning, Choong has certainly developed her love for sport science.
Initially coaching the national women’s team (Lewas), she has now been in the role for three years and is part of the support team for the Barramundis.
“The best part about my job is having that opportunity to bring about good change, and creating special relationships with our athletes,” Choong said.
“What I do is focused on holistic development.
“So we balance out life and work, it’s not just physical fitness.”
For anyone curious enough to know what it takes to be part of the support staff of an international team, she said three must-have qualities were good communication skills, accountability and diligence.
The World Cup will be Choong’s first with the Barras as the strength and conditioning coach, so she is looking to learn as much as she can.
“I’m going to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can, especially at a World Cup level,” Choong said.
“I’m going there with an open mind to learn as much as I can and hopefully bring back something new for the team moving forward.”
Optimistic about the men’s performance in the upcoming World Cup, she said a lot of hard work and training had been put into preparing for this moment.
“This is the time for the Barras to go out and give their best,” Choong said.
“We’ll support them all the way.”