Choose Kumuls out of pride, not choice


THIS relates to yesterday’s story about PNG international and Brisbane Broncos winger Xavier Coates and his representative choice for the upcoming rugby league world cup.
I respect his decision and his capacity as a rugby league player.
As a proud Papua New Guinean, I am tired of seeing world class players such as Coates choosing the Kumul jumper as a choice rather than out of pride.
How long will this go on?
This black, gold and red jumper is our pride.
It represents our people, traditions, culture and great country.
Any player who wishes to wear the Kumul jumper and other Papua New Guinea jumper in sports should do so out of pride?
Do not just do it because you failed to make selection for a tier one team.
The eligibility rules should be looked at and amended.
I strongly feel that eligibility to play and represent your country should be a matter of pride rather than a choice.
Great players in the past such as Adrian Lam, Bruce Mamando, David Wesley and Neville Costigan have worn the jumper with great pride. The onus is now on PNG Kumuls coach Michael Marum and the PNG Rugby Football League selection committee to select proud Papua New Guineans to wear our beloved Kumul jumper that symbolises our beloved country.
I wish our team the best in the upcoming world cup.
Go make us proud.

Bobby Smith Kake

One thought on “Choose Kumuls out of pride, not choice

  • Good point… However, Xavier Coates is of mixed parentage of Papua New Guinea and Australia, hence he has the choice of choosing which team he wishes to play for. On the bright side, we have other really good players and a super coach, so we should not feel at loss for just one player’s decision.

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