Choose next leader wisely


THE by-election for Goroka Open has finally arrived.
An unbelievable moment has turned the tide around hence the people will decide who would be leading them now and beyond.
While the law has spoken fairly and decisions have been laid down, it is time the people of Goroka should understand how politics is being revolutionised and redefined.
The standard of interpreting politics and related court cases has been raised to a whole new standard.
Therefore the people of Goroka should be weary of how they plan to and will cast their votes to someone who they value that will take ownership of the district and peoples living standards.
An MP’s office in any district got its credibility from the people.
Thereby seen as a mandated office established to serve the people from their funds budgeted each year by the Government through taxes paid by the people.
We should look into the future with the hope that our heartfelt bitterness will be comforted.
We now stand together with self-confidence and integrity, to seek justice for something we deem right.
And that justice is in the ballot papers.

G&3KL Venoka Numuni,
Goroka, Eastern Highlands

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