Choose vaccine with higher efficacy


I AM one of the many Papua New Guineans who is very disappointed with those so-called learned persons that continue to be ignorant, irresponsible, creating havoc and confusion on social media regarding the Covid-19 pandemic!
Let’s get one thing clear that the Covid-19 is real and deadly.
More so now because it has learnt and has the ability to mutate and create variants of itself at an astonishing rate.
According to R Haridy’s article on March 10, a new study suggests that the United Kingdom’s coronavirus variant is significantly more deadly.
He further stated that: “A new peer-reviewed study is among several to suggest the UK variant of the virus that causes the Covid-19 leads to greater rates of death and hospitalisation”.
“A new peer reviewed study published in the British Medical Journal is offering some of the first clear evidence to suggest the Sars- CoV-2 variant, B117, informally known as the UK variant is linked with significantly higher rates of death then previously known strains of the virus.”
I understand the Covid-19 and its variants is a Sars virus and that means its a respiratory virus that it is airborne. Once in your lungs, the virus enters your air pockets (alveoli) and enters a receptor and targets pneumocytes type II and replicates itself very fast and then the cell dies.
Your immune system detects this foreign cell and floods your lungs with fluid.
Your lungs act like a sponge and soaks up the fluid and in doing so, makes it hard for you to breath normally, commonly described …
as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
With no oxygen to your vital organs, your body starts to shut down.
Without medical intervention such as the use of ventilation machine or similar devices, you simply die.
In most cases, there may be little to do with those with medical conditions.
As of Feb 27, phase 3 of clinical trials were in progress or were planned for Covid-19 vaccines, including the Oxford AstraZeneca (70 per efficacy) and the Novavax vaccine (83.3 per cent efficacy).
There are other promising Covid- 19 vaccines with higher efficacy.
Papua New Guinea should consider choosing the vaccines around the 96 per cent efficacy mark.
Our people deserve the highest vaccine efficacy available.

Luimack Johnson