Choosing wisely at the polls


WE have just recently completed the national election and the 10th parliament is up and running on a good note.
And 2018 is just around the corner and again another year to exercise our democratic rights to elect our local level government councillors and presidents to represent us in the third tier of government.
My word of encouragement to my fellow citizens of Wewak Island local level government is to think seriously about our future and choose wisely.
We should vote based on our conscience and not to follow money or family.
We need to vote for new, vibrant and visionary leaders and not to waste our time re-electing recycled politicians.
I’m from that area and I know very well the daily struggles our people are facing.
In regards to the presidential seat, we have many intellectual brains out there and they deserve to be there if they put their hand up.

Bill Hanam Sandu
True Islander