Choppy seas for ‘master’ mariner

Letters, Normal

The National Thursday, 26th January 2012

DOES Sir Peter Barter hold a commercial master’s certificate of competence to allow him to be the captain of the Kalibobo Spirit as has been mentioned in both newspapers?
If so what grade of master’s certificate of competency does he hold?
How did Sir Peter accumulate the necessary sea time to sit for and pass his certificate of competency?
He started work in PNG as a Talair pilot then went on to be a tour operator. What ship(s) did he serve on to get his sea time?
When did Sir Peter pass his certificates and at what institution and when did he receive a certificate of recognition or was he just “given” a certificate by someone who liked him?
If so, why does everyone else have to do the sea time and what happens if there is an accident?

P. Sharp
Master mariner