Chow to step down as POM soccer head

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INCUMBENT Port Moresby Soccer Association chief Fabian Chow has made his intention to step down when presenting his report to affiliates recently but it is subject to changes before the 2010 annual general meeting.
In a one sentence paragraph at the conclusion of his president’s report to all its affiliate, Chow confirmed his retirement.
Chow described his local association’s season as stable and recovering from “soccer cholera” sickness.
He said the local PMSA competition went well including the charity cup but when PNGFA election took place in Mt Hagen, it affected the soccer administration both locally and nationally.
Chow said the dispute over the legitimate presidency of PNG Football Association had thrown the football fraternity into total chaos and confusion because he refused to surrender.
He said he strongly believed that he was elected by the majority and he was the legitimate president but the supreme world soccer governing body, the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) and the FIFA ruled otherwise.
Chow described the tactics employed by PNGFA, OFC and FIFA in the administration of the affairs of the football in PNG as “bully boy tactic”.
He said in his statement that PNGFA suspended the association without clear picture on what went wrong with his association, and also threatened throw out his players from the semi-professional National Soccer League.
With the senior players future hanging in balance, an interim committee headed by president of Rapatona Football Club John Wesley used the peoples power under the constitution to attempt to sideline Chow.
The continued power struggle at the local level was also detrimental to premier clubs, the flag ship of any soccer playing association which never completed the season.
Chow claimed he was still the president had the handful of lower division grand final which was just to please the clubs.
In summary, the PMSA president said the national controversy over two factions had affected everyone from players, supporters and to all the stakeholders of the game in the country.
He said in contrast the division within PMSA had caused a deep division and hurt everyone and it would take a long while to mend the division.