Christian Blind Mission treats eye patients

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The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

THE Goroka-based Christian Blind Mission (CBM) has brought its services to the rural communities in Finschhafen, Morobe.
A team comprising eight eye specialists, two eye surgeons, two theatre nurses, one spectacle specialist and two eye doctors is visiting the Braun Memorial Hospital from April 1-5.
They have been visiting the hospital every year since 2011.
The mission specialises in eye operation and treatment as well as issuing glasses and holding consultations on eye diseases and infections.
Hospital administrator Joana Kaku said: “Last year, 86 people, many of whom were blind for years, had gone through successful operations. ”
Patients came from as far as Burum-Kwat, Hube, Sialum-Kalasa, Mape, Kote, Jabem, Siassi Island, Huon, Nawaeb and Menyamya.
“This was a milestone for the hospital and we are expecting
90 to 100 patients to be registered for this week’s operations.”
Kaku said transportation was a problem especially for people in remote areas and urged family members, local level government and district administration officials to assist.
“This kind of service is normally provided in urban hospitals but CBM has brought these special services to the rural communities where the real need is.
“It is also a blessing that their fees are very affordable for rural people here in Finschhafen.”
He also thanked provincial health advisor Micah Yawing for assisting them with K12,000.
Operation fees are K30 per eye, K20 for consultation (K20) and K20-K50 for glasses.