Christian churches should stop fighting


WHILE Christian churches are preaching against each other, the devil is using the infighting as a curtain to block us from seeing the real issue of a new age and new world order.
While Christians, especially in PNG, are blinded by literally interpreting the Bible, the real fulfilling of the prophecies are happening right now and we are being side-tracked by the devil.
We are expecting a Christian church to be 666 and since we have not yet received the mark of the beast on our hands or on our foreheads, we are still waiting for the beast to appear.
We think that the beast from the sea refers to a Christian church leader.
We are being made to ignore the fact that there are sects or church leaders in other religions as well.
We are being tricked into thinking that other religions teachings are more acceptable than teachings from our own Christian churches.
We are blind to the fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion today and Hindu meditating techniques are used in every corporate and government organisations in the world and even in PNG.

Mamakin Jef