Christian Outreach Centre members celebrate Xmas with new church building


A CHRISTIAN Outreach Centre (COC) church pastor and his congregation have celebrated Christmas by opening a new church building they built.
Pr Mathew Melen and his congregation from Kawi Word of Life COC church in South Waghi, Jiwaka, celebrated the opening with fellowship, shared food and meat with fellow pastors, pastors from brother churches, community leaders and people of Meka-Walka tribes.
Melen said women played a major role in contributing towards constructing the building, which cost them about K70,000.
“I was posted here in 2006 and we built a bush material house and started worship,” he said.
“I want to thank everybody for their contribution towards erecting this beautiful house of worship.
“This is a perfect Christmas gift and we are very excited to welcome baby Jesus into this new church.”
Kawi ward councillor Silas Wutsik said pastors played a major role in transforming the lives of people of the Meka-Walka tribes.
“A lot of bad things have happened to the Meka-Walka people but churches have brought changes to their lives,” he said.
“We are now living in peace and the Kawi community is changing.”
Wutsik told people that Jesus brought an abundance blessings on Christmas, and if people opened their hearts and went to the churches near them, they would receive full blessings heading into the New Year.

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