Christian school turns decade old


AN ambition that some schools in Australia once had to establish a school in PNG based on Christian principles came to fruition in the form of Sunrise Bethel Christian School (SBCS) in Port Moresby, which is celebrating its 10 years anniversary this year.
Principal Rebekah Cook said the school began with 60 students and a few staff members. It now has 300 students and 30 staff members – 28 locals.
“There were some schools in Australia, called Sunrise schools that had a real passion for Christian education,” Cook said.
“It took 10 years from the first meeting and they thought they might be able to start a school.
“They had the very first classes and the first principal, Roger Tumes and his wife, they came as teachers.
“Everything we do comes from a biblical world view and understanding who God is. We believe that all truth belongs to God and the curriculum is full of truth and that we should direct all our students to the author of truth. We say that this is true because of who God is, and this is true because of what God has done in our lives.
“We have devotions every day with our classes and worship assemblies.”
The principal said the school was also investing in teacher development.
“The only expats are myself as principal and my husband as operations manager.
“We are really trying to invest in PNG teachers as well. We do a lot of teacher development with our staff, and grow them.”
Cook highlighted the first three classes of grade 8s that had passed through the school with high results.
“In the last four years we had grade 8s and every single grade 8 has graduated successfully and every single grade 8 has gone onto grade 9 secondary school.
“We are in the top five schools in NCDC which is fantastic. Last year our students just blew me away.
“We haven’t got the results for this year yet, we are waiting anxiously.”
Cook said the school was planning to introduce a grade 9 class next year.
“In response to the need in NCD, next year we’re moving to grade 9 class and grade 10 the year after.
“So we are on the way for secondary as well.”