Christian upbringing important


A Christian upbringing is the only solution for negative attitudes and behaviour, Waigani Christian College director Benjamin Mul says.
He said many times, schools forget about spiritual development of students and concentrated on their mental development.
Mul said this produced “unbalanced human beings” and many problems in the country.
“Every school in the country must have a Christian curriculum. If students are taught about moral principles, the Government would not put more money into law-and-order, schools would have less disciplinary cases to deal with and parents would not face many hardships in raising their kids,” he said.
“Knowledge is what the schools impart to the students and wisdom is what we get from the Word of God.
“When knowledge and wisdom work together, we will have a better country.
“Students must be taught to pray and to read the Bible at an early age.
“This is because education that includes the word of God is the solution for the country.”