Christian values to be taught in schools

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Education Minister Nick Kuman says Christian principles and values must be taught in schools from next year.
Kuman, when opening the citizenship and Christian values education (CCVE) teachers’ guide and syllabus in Port Moresby yesterday, said it would emphasise on good role modelling and productive and meaningful citizenship.
Kuman said the CCVE must be taught in all schools including Government, private, church-run and permitted schools.
“Let’s make our children God-fearing as they are growing up,” he said.
“We claim to be a Christian country, but we still have a problem because only a few are following Christian values.
“As parents and teachers, we need to raise and educate our children to be God-fearing.
“Our children have to value God in their private and public life.
“When we have such a population with good Christian values and principles, we will live in peace and harmony.”
Kuman said how best the nation was shaped depended on how well knowledge of God was imparted to children.
“The spiritual level of all our young people has to be strengthened at all levels by developing programmes that embrace Christian values and attitudes,” he said.
“We have a big problem in the country where people‘s attitudes and behaviours are out of order.”
The CCVE is still on the drawing board before implementation next year.

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