Christians missing the point

Letters, Normal

AT a time of loss and grief suffered by the Kingal family, the Christian community and the country, I am saddened to take this stand after reading about a “petition” to God last Friday.
I urge readers to read this with an open heart and mind.
I ask you from a Christian’s standpoint.
Can a mere mortal dare to question God and His decision?
How many times did Christ himself say “not my will, but thine, be done”?
It is even in the Lord’s prayer: “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”
God, in his infinite foresight and wisdom, can do some things that you and I cannot even start to fathom with our short sightedness.
He knew us before we were even formed or even before the world as we know came to be.
In saying that, everything happens for a reason as laid out in God’s master plan of life.
All of us – the good Pastor Joseph Kingal included – are mere instruments in spreading the Word of God to prepare us for the second coming of Christ.
It is apparent we have been carried away too much by our emotions we have lost sight of the matter.
We have become too attached to Kingal that we have lost sight of the focal point of what he and the Joseph Kingal Ministry was all about.
The cross!
I am thankful that the first followers of Christ and the early Christians were not blinded by such ridiculous notions as those being waved around by these people who profess to be pastors and Christians or we would not have the Bible with us today.
Let us all go back to the Bible and take heed of Christ’s advice and start praying for the living and ask God to give Mrs Kingal, their children and the family peace in this time of sorrow and hurt, instead of seeking “signs and wonders”.
It is time to take stock of the situation and reassess our stand with God and start worshipping the Creator rather than the created.


Niicaux Blavk
Port Moresby